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Tvama Organics Facial Cleanser (11g)

Tvama Organics Facial Cleanser (11g)

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Expiry: 01/2025

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Product Description
Tvama ARAK Miracle Radiance Facial Cleanser gives you fresh and even-toned skin, using our potent blend of Licorice Root and Lotus extracts. Infused with Argon oil, it restores elasticity while rehydrating skin cells. Jojoba beads deep cleanse your pores, removing dead skin cells & impurities, unveiling a smooth, radiant and revitalised skin. Our ARAK range blends the best of flower extracts, herbs, vitamins, and the goodness of plant oils for bright, clear and baby soft skin. Indulge yourself in luxurious, pure & authentic organica from Tvama for holistic rejuvenation of your skin. Tvama Promise!


  •  PROMISE OF RADIANT SKIN : A potent blend of Licorice root and Snow Lotus, Tvama ARAK Miracle Radiance Facial Cleanser gives you a radiant and even-toned skin texture.
  •  DEEP CLEANSING : Extracts dirt from the skin and deep cleanses the pores, this Facial Cleanser gives your skin a refreshed feel ultra-clean look.
  •  GOODNESS OF LICORICE & SNOW LOTUS : Enriched with antioxidants, Licorice rejuvenates skin health to restore a youthful glow. Snow Lotus helps maintain skin elasticity, prevent signs of pre-ageing and restore a younger looking appeal.
  •  HYDRATES THE SKIN : Infused with the goodness of Argan Oil and Vitamin E, arak Face Cleanser keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated.
  •  GENTLE EXFOLIATION : Scrub away dead skin cells with the gentle Jojoba beads that dissolve in the skin and gives you a light exfoliation.
  •  BRIGHTENS COMPLEXION : Magical benefits of Licorice & Snow Lotus – brighten up the skin complexion and impart an eternal glow to the face.
  •  BOOSTS ELASTICITY : Maintains skin’s pH balance, tones the skin and enhances skin elasticity for a youthful appearance.
  •  REDUCES DARK SPOTS : Helps diminish the appearance of dark spots and blemishes, it promotes an even toned skin.
  •  100% NATURAL : We believe in simplicity and our blends are derived from the traditions of India. All our products are free of toxins and all are ingredients are plant-based.
  •  MADE WITH LOVE : Our products are infused with love and care. We believe self-love is the key to true beauty.

How to use:
Take a few drops in a cotton and clean your face with Tvama ARAK Cleanser.

About the brand: 
Indulge yourself in our luxurious, pure & authentic organica for holistic rejuvenation of your skin. An amalgamation of Luxury, Purity and Ayurveda, at Tvama we believe in creating the perfect beauty product for your skin. Revolutionising the concept of Ayurveda, our products aim to deliver authentic luxurious skincare for divine flawless beauty.

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