Apart from being our everyday lingo, Trykiya is a platform for all you experimental souls to kickstart the inner experimental spirit up and try from a variety of products.

ALL MINIS are FREE on TryKiya Packing charges are service charge levied for supply of MINIS ONLY. It changes according to the no. of minis selected 3 and below minis: Rs. 139/- | (Rs.60/- extra for shipping) 4 minis - Rs.209/- | (Rs.60/- extra for shipping) 5 minis - Rs 269/- | (Rs.60/- extra for shipping)

TryKiya is for all people putting the TRY cap on and upto 5 minis at Rs.329/- without the hassle of prior purchase of full-size products or the long-term commitment of the subscription model. We encourage you to try as many products to understand each brand better without hesitating.

Trust us! We were tooo tempted to try them all first hence TryKiya!

It’s a 3 step dance!

Step 1: Go to ‘View all’. Select upto 4 minis or buy FULL SIZE products of your choice.

Step 2: Dont just stop at Minis! Add products from the ‘FULL SIZE’

Step 3: Checkout and Pay up. Get 2 more mini products at Checkout. Tap to the rhythm, folks! Maintain eye contact!

You can write to us at orders@trykiya.com. Also, we are super active on our Facebook and Instagram DMs. Drop a text anytime. Instagram : @trykiya.official. Facebook: TryKiya

No strings attached yeh. Just this time it’s applicable to the trykiya platform! So keep shopping endlessly with no strings attached quite literally!

You can cancel your order within 2 to 3 hrs of placing it. However, we won’t be doing any return or refund on purchased products. Policies you know!

COD is only available for orders above Rs.450/- COD facilities may not be available in certain locations due to limitations of our logistics partners. In case we have had an order cancellation or return request while the order has been shipped or an earlier order has been returned, the COD functionality is disabled automatically for all future orders.

COD may vary depending upon your location

We learnt when we were younger the pear tasted better when shared. Let’s keep that going!

Anything to come closer to you, so yes!

Without a doubt, yes! Your privacy is of utmost important to us and we’ve taken all necessary measures to provide you with a smooth shopping experience.


What is TK Cash all about?

  • TK Cash is a reward & loyalty program for all its consumers!

What are the ways to earn TK Cash?

  • Currently, you can earn TK Cash through:
  1. Purchasing minis
  • 3 minis - 139 TK Cash
  • 4 minis - 209 TK Cash
  • 5 minis - 269 TK Cash
  • Referring your friends- 100 TK Cash on every referral to you and 100 TK cash off to your friend on their purchase

How to redeem TK Cash?

  • You can redeem TK Cash on your next purchase from Buy section. TK cash CANNOT be redeemed on purchase of minis.

Where can I view my TK Cash status?

  • Check your mail or the points section in your account!

Are there any Caps/Limits on the TK Cash I can earn?

  • Currently, there are no restrictions in place, and you can keep earning TK Cash.

Are there any Caps/Limits on the TK Cash I can use on 1 order

  • Currently there is a cap of maximum 100 TK cash on any order.

Is there any Expiry to the TK Cash earned?

  • Yes - Your TK Cash will expire in 3 months from the date of credit. For example, if you received a Trial Order Bonus of 139 TK Cash on 1 January 2022, if unutilized, it would expire on 1 April 2023.

How can I earn TK Cash via Referrals?

  • It's very simple! Share your Referral Code with your friends & family. Unlock TK Cash when they register & place their 1st-ever Trial order on TK!

What happens if someone I refer does not apply my Referral code?

  • Unfortunately, in this case you will not be eligible for any TK Cash on your friends' first-ever trial order. It is advisable to ask your friends to apply this during their registration on TK.

Can I transfer my TK Cash to another account?

  • Currently, there is No way to transfer TK Cash from your account to anyone else's.

Is there a requirement of minimum order size for using TK Cash

  • Yes. Minimum order should be above Rs 250 for using TK cash