Mama Earth

Discover the Power of Natural Beauty with Absolute Skincare

Self-care and nourishment are very important when it comes to beautifying the skin. True beauty is not only desirable but also attractive, which catches the attention of the viewers. So, Trykiya helps people from all walks of life enhance their natural beauty, boost confidence, and nourish their skin with reliable beauty products.

Trykiya provides a wide range of natural beauty products from various brands for instant beauty and glow. With Mamaearth, Trykiya understands the wants and needs of individuals seeking safe, effective, and environmentally friendly beauty solutions and thus provides products that are made of natural ingredients with love and care.

Elevate your looks with Mamaearth products

With MamaEarth products, you can now say goodbye to harmful chemicals and embrace a natural beauty routine that nourishes your skin, hair, and soul. Their products cater to diverse needs and skin types, allowing you to curate a personalized beauty routine.


For glowing and beautiful skin, regularly use Mamaearth daily care products trial packs and full-size products such as face wash, body wash, moisturizer and cream, that are made with natural ingredients. Going deep into the pores, these skin care products remove debris and give long-lasting results.


Hair fall is a common problem that disappoints every young and old heart. To get long and shiny hair, use our age-old home remedy shampoo, conditioner, oil, and serum that act best on all hair issues like frizziness, breakage, and falling and improve quality so that you get nothing but good results.

Personal care

Your skin needs extra protection and nourishment when it comes to going out in the sun. Gently block the broad-spectrum UV to prevent burns and pigmentation with our Sunscreen combo pack. Also, don't forget our naturally matte lip serum containing vitamin E, vitamin C, and other hydrating ingredients for 8 hours of intense hydration.

Travel Kit

While traveling or even going out for a long duration, it becomes difficult to carry all products or even the most useful ones. Use the Trykiya handy travel kit, which contains the most useful skin cleansing and instant blooming products made with natural ingredients, to heal your skin while you enjoy your trip.


1. How to get instant smooth skin?
For instant smooth skin, use a skin-illuminating face wash, face cream, and serum. You can also carry a travel kit to get handy with deep cleansing and nourishing products at any place.

2. Which hair oil is best to use?
To get long, dense, and shiny hair, use sulphur, potassium, and antioxidant-rich hair oil that have anti-bacterial properties, thus reducing scalp infection and increasing hair density. Moreover, you don't have to worry about your hair or chemical treatments, as this hair oil is safe for any kind of hair or scalp condition.

3. What SPF is best for sunscreen?
For Indian skin, prefer SPF 50, as it works best when it comes to protecting the skin from the harsh sun. The Ultra-Light Indian sunscreen, organically formulated to last a long time, does not dry out and nourishes your skin for 6 hours, helping it fight UVA and UVB.