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Tru Hair Onion Shampoo for Hair Fall (15ml)

Tru Hair Onion Shampoo for Hair Fall (15ml)

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Expiry: 11/2024

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Product Description:The Tru Hair Onion Shampoo is the perfect blend of premium ingredients that ensure your hair is shiny and nourishes the roots and strands. Onion juice is known for its effectiveness when it comes to treating hair issues including dandruff and hair fall.


  • Nourishes The Hair: The unique formula in our Onion Shampoo contains onion & aloe vera that nourishes the hair and makes the hair smooth and silky.
  • Fights Dandruff & Hair Fall: Our Onion Shampoo helps fight dandruff, hair fall and also adds shine.

Key Ingredients:

  • Onion Oil: Fights Dandruff and Hair fall.
  • Aloe Vera Gel: Add shine to your hair.
  • Vitamin E: Maintain healthy scalp.

Direction to Use: 2-3 Times A Week For 3 Months

About the brand: At Tru Hair, we recognise the need to tackle the source of your hair problems rather than fixing surface-level problems. We also realise that the root cause of hair problems faced by people differ individually. This is why our Ayurvedic doctor has developed an algorithm that allows you to find custom products based on your personal lifestyle, demography, hair type, and body type. Simply take the Tru Hair 3-Factor Hair Analysis that allows us to study the principle cause of your hair problems and recommend a set of products that have ingredients we think will be best for you.

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