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The Woman's Company 2 Day Sanitary Pads (2pcs)

The Woman's Company 2 Day Sanitary Pads (2pcs)

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Expiry: 03/2025

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Product Description:
Better for lesser - biodegradable sanitary pads at the price of plastic!
Our value pack makes biodegradable pads available at affordable prices.

Our Day Sanitary Pads are made with 100% organic cotton allowing your skin to breathe while keeping you dry. This softer material also reduces the risk of pesky allergies and skin irritation and is simply the best option for all-day wear -- even overnight.

Each individual pad comes in an eco-friendly wrapping to be used at the time of disposal, simply toss your used pad into the trash

Our organic Sanitary Pads are free of all chemicals, parabens, plastics & dyes. This difference in the material makes these pads fully degradable while also decreasing the risk of enticing infections, organ damage, infertility and vulnerability to cancer, etc.

About the brand: To create and provide you with safe, intimate wellness and hygiene products; customised for and embracing the changing phases of the human body, while being mindful of the depleting environment.

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