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The Woman's Company Bamboo Razor

The Woman's Company Bamboo Razor

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Expiry: 12/2031

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Product Description:
The Woman's Company Bamboo Razor offers the ease of a close shave with a premium bamboo handle to ensure a pain free experience. The bamboo handle is made out of natural, sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo to give you a superior grip. Made with bacteria and rust resistant grade 5 stainless steel, the razor head is built to last. It is ergonomically designed to give you the easiest shaving experience with fewer nicks and cuts. It leaves your skin smooth and hair-free. This bamboo razor can be used on any external region of your body - arms, legs, underarms and external bikini area. Equipped with 10 blades, this razor is the perfect alternative to disposable razors.

About the brand: To create and provide you with safe, intimate wellness and hygiene products; customised for and embracing the changing phases of the human body, while being mindful of the depleting environment.

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