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Savour and Aura Mellow Musk Fragrance (3ml)

Savour and Aura Mellow Musk Fragrance (3ml)

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Product Description:
Mellow Musk is a light edition of the classic musk in a scent that is not overpowering. It still carries the enigmatic presence of its namesake and remains a potent choice for indoor settings throughout the calendar year.

It has a sweetish undertone that has a recognisable musk tone. The top balsamic tone gravitates to a mild floral note that is predominantly centred around woody accents for a soothing fragrance journey overall.

Discover the serenity of Savour and Aura fragrances & oils; place your orders & receive a complimentary sample along, so you can absorb the essence yourself, before gifting or recommending.

Direction for use:
Feel the joy, in a world of fragrance. Apply the roll on as often as you like, on pulse points.

About the brand: The idea is to create modern fragrances with an 'India', rooted within the essence of these fragrances. Savour and Aura, is an experiential brand, that curates a journey for the user. 

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