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Sirona PeeBuddy - Disposable Freedom To Stand & Pee

Sirona PeeBuddy - Disposable Freedom To Stand & Pee

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PeeBuddy is India’s 1st portable and disposable urination device for women who are always on the go and frequently encounter dirty toilets in flights, train, metro stations or on highways. 

Even women with certain medical conditions (joint pain or low immunity) or those pregnant don't have to worry anymore as PeeBuddy gives them the freedom to Stand & Pee. 

With it, you can go on as many treks, marathons or road trips as you like while avoiding peeing hassles, UTIs and infections. Made with water-resistant coated paper, it is leak-proof and ensures zero spillage. Its design with the feature of Single Hand Grip makes it even more convenient to use.

  • No wiping or squats 
  • No holding it in 
  • No UTIs

PROBLEM: Restriction to pee due to dirty public toilets and inability to squat because of joint pain, pregnancy, etc. can make life troublesome. It can lead to dehydration and holding in of pee for a prolonged period. This can result in UTI.

SOLUTION: PeeBuddy, India's 1st female urination device, is a practical portable and disposable solution to unshackle you from these problems. It empowers you with the Freedom to Stand and Pee so that you can commute, take road trips or even trek without any worries.

About the brand: At Sirona we are committed towards an exclusive objective, i.e. creating products and driving conversations around the feminine hygiene problems. Simply put, our existence, innovations and solutions begin with your issues and end at your overall wellbeing.

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