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Orgatre Damage Repair Shampoo (25ml)

Orgatre Damage Repair Shampoo (25ml)

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Expiry: 09/2025

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Product Description:
Are you fed up with taking salon treatments to repair your damaged hair? Dry and frizzy hair can often make you feel off. Relying on salon treatments to repair damaged and frizzy hair can be bothersome. Our hair undergoes weather changes, harsh chemical treatments, and several non-recommended home remedies that we experiment with, leaving our hair dull, dry, and even more damaged. It is essential to assess your hair care routine and opt for gentle products specifically designed for damaged and frizzy hair, steering clear of harsh chemicals. That's where Orgatre comes in.

Orgatre’s damage repair shampoo not only cleanses your hair and scalp but also helps improve the lubricity of hair. It is a known fact that your hair can be damaged due to several reasons, from environmental stress, thermal stress, to chemical stress. This damage makes your hair brittle, dry, and dull more prone to frizz and split ends. Orgatre’s a damage repair shampoo, helps defend against several external reasons and restores the natural moisture of your hair, sealing in the broken cuticles. Opt for Orgatre, a botanical, SLS-free shampoo that promotes healthy hair growth, prevents thinning, and provides a mild and secure cleansing experience.

    How to use:

    1. Damp your hair with normal water and apply a small amount of the Orgatre damage repair shampoo directly to the roots of your hair. Gently massage the shampoo to the scalp. This will help to cleanse the scalp and remove any excess oil or product buildup.
    2. Once the shampoo is spread all over the strands, let the shampoo sit for 1-2 minutes. The active ingredients in the shampoo will make your hair soft and silky.
    3. Then thoroughly rinse your hair with water and ensure that the shampoo is cleaned off completely.
    4. Post that condition your hair by applying conditioner to the lengths of your hair. Leave for 2-3 minutes, and then rinse it off with water.
    5. Wrap your wet hair with a soft towel and avoid rubbing your hair vigorously. This further will reduce frizziness and keep your hair soft.

    About the brand: The ORGATRE product line aims to meet your needs for the best natural dermaceutical products for your skin and hair. Our goal is to offer our customers high-quality products that are efficient and devoid of harsh chemicals, and a potent combination of widely recognized and tried-and-true ingredients and elements for the modern Indian consumer's daily diet. 

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