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Ngenbliss Citricious Aromatherapy Shower Gel (25ml)

Ngenbliss Citricious Aromatherapy Shower Gel (25ml)

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Expiry: 03/2026

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Product Description:
The Ngenbliss aromatherapy citrus shower gel is perfect for those who would like to start the day with a refreshing wake-up call. Combines lime oil grapefruit oil and orange oil creating invigorating aromatherapy feel that will leave you feeling refreshed. Free from Sulphate, Paraben and any other harmful chemicals, this shower gel is 100% natural and perfect for those who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

About the brand: 
Ngenbliss is our way of capturing the awesome gifts nature has to offer, mixing them up with a sprinkle of market research magic to create products that cater to your specific needs. So, here's to Ngenbliss – a journey fueled by excitement, inspired by nature, and dedicated to making you feel fantastic. Come join us in embracing the beauty and authenticity that our products bring. Cheers to the good stuff – let's dive into the world of Ngenbliss together! 

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