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NASO Profumi Sarawak Mazzo (2ml)

NASO Profumi Sarawak Mazzo (2ml)

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Product Description:

  • Fresh, Zesty Mandarins and Lemons are fused with the ever-fresh and romantic pure pink rose, creating a delicate floral undertone. The subtle yet complex bergamot is complimented by the serene lavender and warm and earthy sandalwood fuse to create a fresh blend you cannot resist.

  • A mild aphrodistic, with intoxicating properties, that dissolve emotional barriers and promote intimacy, while soothing the senses and calming anxiety.

Healing powers:

  • Enhances mood
  • Relieves headaches
  • Soothes skin irritation

About the Brand:
NASO Stands As An Artisanal Perfumery. With Its New & Normal Culture And It's Youthful Approach To Extenuate The Rich Set Of Authentic Ingredients, It Classifies As A Youthful Energy In It's Very Own ‘Green’ Way.
Crafted with exquisite ingredients, carefully and lovingly grown in-house at our distilleries in North India. NASO stands as an artisanal perfumery. With its new & normal culture and it's youthful approach to extenuate the rich set of authentic ingredients, it classifies as a youthful energy in it's very own ‘green’ way.

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