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NASO Profumi Palosanto e Limoncella (2ml)

NASO Profumi Palosanto e Limoncella (2ml)

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Product Description:

  • This Summer, Naso Profumi, the homegrown luxe fragrance label, will teleport you to the Italian countryside with its captivating new fragrance- Palo Santo E Limoncello.

  • Reminisce a siesta on the Amalfi Coast, with the whiffs of lemon, mint, and cedar, Palo Santo E Limoncello is your treat from the heart of the Citra heaven in Italy, blending into the summer splash of the Indian wind. Capturing the scent like never before, Naso Profumi unveils Palo Santo E Limoncello, the perfect cleanse for summer. Burst the torridness with the sweet, sour whiffs of Palo Santo!

About the Brand:
NASO Stands As An Artisanal Perfumery. With Its New & Normal Culture And It's Youthful Approach To Extenuate The Rich Set Of Authentic Ingredients, It Classifies As A Youthful Energy In It's Very Own ‘Green’ Way.
Crafted with exquisite ingredients, carefully and lovingly grown in-house at our distilleries in North India. NASO stands as an artisanal perfumery. With its new & normal culture and it's youthful approach to extenuate the rich set of authentic ingredients, it classifies as a youthful energy in it's very own ‘green’ way.

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