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Joy Hello Sun Revivify All Day Active Sunscreen (18ml)

Joy Hello Sun Revivify All Day Active Sunscreen (18ml)

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Product Description:

Hello Sun Revivify All Day Active Sunscreen Ultra-Matte Dry Touch SPF 50 (18ml) :

  • Dry touch matte sunscreen: Authentic to its name our Joy Hello Sun Revivify All Day Active Sunscreen Ultra-Matte Dry Touch SPF 50 is made for comfortable use. It imparts a light-feel and mattifying finish to the skin. It helps to prevents oil from being evident on the skin and ensures no sweat and tackiness. It’s non-comedogenic in nature and is suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin.

  • The Ultimate Skin Protection Screen: This ultra-matte sunscreen offers high UVA and UVB protective shields with PA+++ rating, broad spectrum and SPF 50. It is also sweat and water resistant making it a perfect sunscreen for outdoor activities. This sunscreen strengthens skin’s defenses against daily aggressors to keep skin youthful and radiant-looking all day!

  • The Titanium Power: Titanium Dioxide particles remain on the surface because they are not absorbed by your skin. The mineral's shiny surface deflects UV and infrared radiations away from the body. This improves its capacity to block UVB radiation. It is suitable for all skin tones as the microscopic particle size of titanium dioxide is less obvious on the skin. You are shielded because the rays never make it to your skin.

About us :
As a brand, JOY has never tried to sell ideas of beauty that put you in a set box. We provide personal care products that help you maintain your beauty and not accentuate it. Our journey began way back in 1988 with a strong belief in providing the best in personal care, we were established by RSH Global in Kolkata. Our team wanted to bring about a revolution to deliver the best of consumer hygiene and personal grooming for both men and women globally at an affordable price.

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