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Frescia Tea Tree Shampoo (30ml)

Frescia Tea Tree Shampoo (30ml)

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Expiry: 02/2025

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Product Description:

The active components of the tea tree help to treat itchy scalp and reduce dandruff flakes. Refresh your hair follicle with this paraben and SLS-free shampoo to achieve shiny, bouncy, and dandruff-free hair.

The fresh scent of tea tree oil invigorates the scalp and gives a sweet natural fragrance to your hair. The special ingredients leave a cooling and tingling sensation on the scalp and make your hair silky and shiny.


  • Nourishes hair strands & scalp deeply
  • Softens and hydrates hair strands
  • Provides healthy & tangle-free hair

How to Use it?

  1. Wet your hair
  2. Take a small quantity and lather it up
  3. Apply on the scalp and massage every inch of your scalp 
  4. Wash off the shampoo thoroughly. Apply a conditioner.

For the best result, use it with Tea Tree Shea Butter Conditioner 

Suitable for ALL hair types. Ideal for oily and dandruff-prone scalp. It is prepared to be used by both men & women.

Key Ingredients:

Tea Tree: Tea tree treats and heals dandruff so that you can get rid of itchiness and the disgrace to shower dandruff flakes wherever you go. 

About the brand: Crafted with passion and care, Frescia is a skincare brand that has years of strenuous research on skincare and a dream to blend nature with beauty. Our secret to formulate the unbeatable products of Frescia is to use plant based ingredients and botanical oils. We are a small start up that supports the idea of ‘Vocal for local’ and wishes to support small scale farmers, micro, small and cottage industries. 

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