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Everteen Night Sanitary Pads (7pcs)

Everteen Night Sanitary Pads (7pcs)

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Product Description:
Are you still using day pads for periods at night? Are you worried about staining and spotting? Experience the joy of relaxed sleep during periods with everteen XXL Relax Nights Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads. 

These 320mm sanitary napkins are ultra-slim and yet provide 3X faster absorption compared to fluff-only pads. Designed to give women all-night protection during menstrual periods, their double flaps and wider back coverage ensure that the sanitary pads stay in place no matter which position you sleep in even during prolonged use. everteen Relax Nights Ultra pads are made with an innovative top layer that gives you the best of both worlds – they give you really quick drying and that too with the soft cushiony comfort on your skin.

Enriched with neem and safflower, these everteen pads protect your skin from rashes and tanning. Neem is a widely acclaimed anti-irritant, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agent. It clears rashes, soothes the skin and reduces redness and pain. Safflower extract in these menstrual pads is an acclaimed skin care lubricant and moisturizer that lightens even the stubborn skin tans.

So, go ahead, and buy the everteen Relax Nights Ultra sanitary pads, and say goodbye to stains and stress during periods while sleeping.

About the brand: Spreading health and happiness around the world since 2013. Buy 100% genuine health, wellness and hygiene products directly from Wet and Dry Personal Care, the makers of everteen, NEUD, Nature Sure and ManSure.

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