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Bombay Shaving Company Precision Face Razor (1pcs)

Bombay Shaving Company Precision Face Razor (1pcs)

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Now say bye-bye to facial hair. Remove facial hair easily and quickly at home.


  • Precision face razor for quick and irritation-free facial hair removal
  • Gives a close, clean shave that removes even the shortest hair efficiently
  • Sloughs off dead skin cells for faster and deeper absorption of skincare products
  • Hygienic blades reduce bacterial infection and post-shave bruises
  • An ergonomic design with an anti-slip grip gives a smooth shave
  • Sleek design and a safety cover make it travel-friendly
  • Ideal to use on eyebrows, upper lip, upper cheek fuzz, chin or sideburns
  • Washable and disposable razor for a hygienic hair removal process
About the brand: The single blade beauty captured the imagination of men across India, and bought with it a dimension of delight unknown to the otherwise mundane chore of shaving. Ever since, Bombay Shaving Company has enriched the landscape of Grooming and Hair removal products in India - with the spirit of putting what the consumer needs and wants first; and an unwavering commitment to making products that delight, deliver, and inspire everyday confidence.
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