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Bombay Shaving Company Foldable Face Razor (Pack of 1)

Bombay Shaving Company Foldable Face Razor (Pack of 1)

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Product Description: Bombay Shaving Company Foldable Precision Face Razor is one of the safest razors for women that maintain the smoothness and softness of the skin. No more unwanted facial hair! Keep your face clean, peach fuzz at bay and your eyebrows groomed with the new Foldable Face Razor for Women. Step into the world of smoother skin with every single shave. Get rid of even the smallest and thinnest hair with this sharp yet gentle netted blade. It glides on your face without giving any rash or cut. It is compact and its blades fold.

About the brand: The single blade beauty captured the imagination of men across India, and bought with it a dimension of delight unknown to the otherwise mundane chore of shaving. Ever since, Bombay Shaving Company has enriched the landscape of Grooming and Hair removal products in India - with the spirit of putting what the consumer needs and wants first; and an unwavering commitment to making products that delight, deliver, and inspire everyday confidence.

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