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Ayuga 100% Kumkumadi Face Oil (5ml)

Ayuga 100% Kumkumadi Face Oil (5ml)

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Expiry: 11/2024

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Product Description: Reap the benefits of tradition with an Ayurvedic formulation fused with the rituals of face yoga. Introducing Ayuga 100% Kumkumadi Skin Radiance Facial Oil, a classical formulation that reduces dark spots, pigmentation and improves hydration level, making skin soft, plump, and naturally radiant. Derived from authentic Ayurveda, the 100% Kumkumadi Oil is enriched with 100% kumkumadi oil containing a blend of USDA certified organic ingredients like saffron, lotus extracts, mulethi, and 26 precious herbs. The natural herbs used in this facial oil are processed through traditional Ayurvedic recipe to give your skin the care it deserves. This 100% natural formula works better when you do too! Use Ayuga 100% Kumkumadi Skin Radiance Facial Oil with the squeeze tapping pose to help the oil absorb better and amplify results.

  • Reduces dark spots and pigmentation: Formulated with the Ayurvedic recipe of blending natural oils and herbs like Saffron and Lotus extracts, the 100% Kumkumadi Skin Radiance Face Oil is highly efficacious in minimizing dark spots and pigmentation, resulting in skin that's bright and spotless.
  • Makes skin radiant: Infused with natural oils and USDA certified organic ingredients, the 100% Kumkumadi Skin Radiance Face Oil works wonders in bringing out your skin's natural glow and imparting a younger looking skin.
  • Moisturizes skin: 100% Kumkumadi Skin Radiance Face Oil is extremely moisturizing and penetrates deep into the skin to improve moisture levels, making your skin soft, plump and intensely moisturized.
  • Safe and effective: This product is Made Safe Certified, AYUSH licensed and cruelty-free. It is suitable for all skin types.
About the Brand: Ayuga is the abode of authentic ayurvedic formulations and traditional rituals perfected for the modern-day skincare routine. Their skincare products and rituals are crafted and developed by India's best Ayurvedic and face yoga experts. The traditional concept of face yoga is seamlessly blended into a skincare routine that makes them easy and quick to perform and include in your everyday skincare routine. The best of both worlds, a concoction of the old and the new, it's time to discover what's right for skincare. It's time to discover Ayuga.
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