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Tru Hair Fenugreek, Goji berry & Onion Hair Mask (15g)

Tru Hair Fenugreek, Goji berry & Onion Hair Mask (15g)

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Expiry: 12/2024

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Product Description:
The Tru Hair Over Night Ayurvedic Hair Mask has the best ingredients that ensure your hair is not just healthy but is also nourished with care. This Ayurvedic Hair Mask for hair growth has Onion, Mehendi, Bhringaraj, Chandan, Kumari, and other important natural ingredients. It is great to infuse nutrients into roots and every single hair strand. This Hair Mask for hair growth strengthens and smoothens the hair while controlling hair fall and adding shine.


  • Strengthens Hair Roots: This hair mask for hair growth is an ideal way to strengthen the hair from the root. With essential ingredients, this Ayurvedic Hair Mask works by protecting the hair from damage and breakage.
  • Promotes Healthy Hair: Our Hair Mask for hair growth has an Ayurvedic formulation that contains 8 novel herbs. They promote thicker, stronger, fuller, and longer hair.
  • Smoothens The Strands: This Ayurvedic Hair Mask keeps the hair smooth and shiny. It avoids frizzy and rough texture while combating hair fall.

Ingredients: Bhringraj, Manjistha, Kumari, Mehandi, Amalaki, Brahmi, Chandan, Onion

How To Use: 

  • Apply Tru Hair Pack Cream to wash and towel dry hair.
  • Spread evenly throughout your hair from the scalp to the tips.
  • Massage from roots to tips with your fingers, and cover your head with a hot towel for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse the hair thoroughly

About the brand: 
At Tru Hair, we recognise the need to tackle the source of your hair problems rather than fixing surface-level problems. We also realise that the root cause of hair problems faced by people differ individually. This is why our Ayurvedic doctor has developed an algorithm that allows you to find custom products based on your personal lifestyle, demography, hair type, and body type. Simply take the Tru Hair 3-Factor Hair Analysis that allows us to study the principle cause of your hair problems and recommend a set of products that have ingredients we think will be best for you.

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