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The Skin Story Hair Serum (15ml)

The Skin Story Hair Serum (15ml)

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Expiry: 08/2025

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Product Description:
The Skin Story Hair Serum helps you manage fizziness and makes the hair luxuriously soft, silky, and shiny. The blend of Argan Oil and Almond Oil protects the hair from harmful effects of sunlight and Vitamin E provides hair the nourishment that it needs. The Skin Story Hair Serum is ideal for all hair types and textures

How Will You Benefit:

  • Argan Oil - Makes hair shiny & silky.
  • Vitamin E -Nourishes & moisturizes hair and provides hydration.
  • Almond Oil - Strengthens hair roots to create stronger hair and stimulate hair growth.

Suitable For:
For All Hair Type.

About the Brand:
The Skin Story is a serene wellness brand that strives to nourish your skin without being heavy on your bank account. Our story took shape in 2019 when we became available for everyone. Our personal experiences with skincare issues were our motivation to start a skincare line. Our founder personally suffered from pigmentation and realized that many people have similar conditions but are not well aware of the solutions. The pigmentation she has is controllable and manageable but is not fully curable. Along her way to learning more about her skin’s wellness, she built a brand that will help thousands of people like her.

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