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The Co. Being Seize The Day Complete Care Day Cream (50g)

The Co. Being Seize The Day Complete Care Day Cream (50g)

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Expiry: 03/2024

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Rejuvenate your skin with the nourishment of Licorice, Blackcurrant bud, Mulberry, and Bearberry extracts rich in antioxidants that boost your skin's radiance.

Helping in seizing the day, our lightweight and creamy SPF 30 sunscreen is a wholesome concoction of hydrating ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate that aid effective absorption of the product.

What it does?

  • Protect your skin through the day with exotic natural ingredients like White Mulberry, Licorice, Chinese skullcap & Bearberry, in combination with Sodium Hyaluronate.
  • Our strong GemmoRich Active formulations bring out the best nutrition from blackcurrant buds, giving your skin deep nourishment and a glow from within.
  • Our complete care day cream helps hydrate the skin, enhance radiance, brighten the complexion and protect the skin from UV rays.

  • Benefits:

    Hydrates skin
    Ingredients like Licorice and Sodium hyaluronate help in hydrating the skin by delay signs of ageing and skin inflammation.

    Enhances radiance
    White Mulberry and Licorice make the face look radiant by working on the skin's surface and deep within.

    Brightens complexion
    Licorice has a natural effect of brightening skin complexion through hydration which blooms the face.

    UV & blue light protection
    Powerful antioxidants like Licorice, Chinese skullcap, and Bearberry act as a shield to protect the skin from blue light and UV rays, and cell damage.

    About the Brand:
    At the Co Being, your safety is the priority. All their ingredients, formulations and technologies are a concoction that is handpicked by experts who help yield the best results with their products. Safety is synonymous with their core beliefs and values to coexist with nature and the community.

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