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The Co. Being Lush Layers Organic-Fortified Onion Hair Oil (200ml)

The Co. Being Lush Layers Organic-Fortified Onion Hair Oil (200ml)

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Expiry: 10/2024

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Nourish your luscious locks with Krinka!
Nutrients from botanical origins for healthy, shiny and silky hair.
Your Organic and Fortified onion oil for hair growth with the goodness of Coconut oil, Aloe vera,Tulsi,Bakuchi and more.

What it does?

  • Lush Layers is your natural & organic Onion oil blend with the goodness of Coconut oil, Aloe vera,Tulsi, Bakuchi, Lemon, Sweetflag, Nutmeg, Cumin & more.
  • Our formulation is inspired by the power of nature & helps prevent hair loss therefore promoting hair growth making the hair soft, shiny and luscious.
  • Palandu (Onion) + Ginger & Black Pepper have the tendency to help in keeping the lice at bay, giving a relief from itchiness and irritation.
  • Lush layers helps in improving scalp health, fights premature grey hair and dandruff.

    Supports hair growth
    Onion(Palandu), Sweetflag (Vacha), Garlic (Lahsuna), coconut oil are the ingredients which helps in stimulating hair follicle & growth of hair.

    Improves scalp health
    Aloe(Kumari), tulasi, and bakuchi helps in improving scalp health by preventing dryness and scalp irritations.

    Helps fight greying hair
    Ingredients like Tulasi and Bakuchi helps in fighting premature grey hair, as they have been used since ancient times for their miracle herbal properties.

    Fights dandruff
    Tulasi in your hair oil can help fight against dandruff. Our blend is known for its ayurvedic healing properties.

    Controls frizz
    Coconut oil & Aloevera help in moisturising the hair and tulasi benefits in keeping them shiny.

    Helps control lice
    Onion is known for eliminating lice in the hair, Helps in hair growth stimulation, gives your hair a healthy shine.

    About the Brand:
    At the Co Being, your safety is the priority. All their ingredients, formulations and technologies are a concoction that is handpicked by experts who help yield the best results with their products. Safety is synonymous with their core beliefs and values to coexist with nature and the community.

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