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The Ayurvedic Co. Methi Hair Oil + Hair Cleanser

The Ayurvedic Co. Methi Hair Oil + Hair Cleanser

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Methi Bhringraj Oil -

Experience the divine care for your hair with this all-new Ayurvedic Methi Bhringraj Amla Oil which not just helps in stimulating growth of hair but also has the ability to reduce premature pigment loss from hair and hair greying. Ayurvedic Bhringraj is renowned for its anti-dandruff capacities helping to remove damaged hair and thereby removing dandruff from hair roots. It helps in making the hair roots stronger and builds more strength in the hair follicles, prevent or treat parasitic hair and scalp infections, like lice infections. To get a natural shiny look for your hair, go for this Methi Bhringraj Amla Oil for removing itchiness from hair and resulting in smooth and nourished hair.

Methi Bhringraj Hair Cleanser -

Explore the original Ayurveda natural ingredients in this Methi Bhringraj Hair Cleanser made especially for dry and damaged hair with properties of nourishing and giving a smoothened look to your hair. This cleanser has been made to cleanse hair particles thoroughly. One of its best properties is that it helps in nourishing the hair and increasing the pH level balance in the hair follicles which result in a smoother and better look. About the brand: The Ayurveda Co. represents things that are all Ayurvedic at heart and are suited for the contemporary landscape. Their utmost attempt is to incorporate a nature-forward approach that ensures only the best of the best reaches you. The product their customers receive is the one that makes it after rigorous quality standards and multiple rounds of testing (Never on Animals) and study. Their offerings are formulated keeping in mind the science of healing and not just instant gratification, creating an illusion of outward results. With their extensive experience and research, they continue to believe and reinforce – Beautiful Inside is Beautiful Outside.
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