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Stemveda Natural Mosquito Repellent (9ml)

Stemveda Natural Mosquito Repellent (9ml)

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Expiry: 10/2024

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STEMVEDA Mosquito Repellent uses a combination of 7 Essential Oils that safeguard you from a variety of insects and mosquitoes without killing them. Based on an advanced herbal formulation of natural actives, it masks your body odour from mosquitoes. Don’t let the fear of mosquito bites keep you from enjoying your outdoor activities. Our repellent is suitable to be used around children and infants. Suitable for all skin types.


* Suitable for children
* Safe for application on skin 
* Repels mosquitoes naturally
* Suitable for use on fabrics 
* Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

About the brand: 
STEMVEDA aims at simplifying healthy living and general wellness. It is an attempt to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into daily life, and provide pure and authentic wellness products. Welcome to a universe where traditional understandings are combined with modern technology to create a new line of wellness products.

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