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Shower Essentials Combo (PH+JH+LC+BC)

Shower Essentials Combo (PH+JH+LC+BC)


Phy Mountain Rain Invigorating Body Wash - 50ml

Just Herbs Kumuda Body Wash - 25ml

The Love Co. Oud Accord Shower Gel - 30ml

BodyCafé Eucalyptus BodyWash - 25ml


Phy Mountain Rain Invigorating Body Wash - 11/2023

Just Herbs Kumuda Body Wash - 2/2024

BodyCafé Eucalyptus BodyWash - 10/2023

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Phy Mountain Rain Invigorating Body Wash I
f you're a rain-washed mountains and lush greenery kind of guy, this body wash is just right for you. Pair up for a trip to the mountains above and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime!
Just Herbs Kumuda Body Wash
Just Herbs Kumuda - Sacred Lotus Rejuvenating Body Wash is an ayurvedic & herbal body wash for soothing both, the body and the mind. It is enriched with the goodness of precious ayurvedic herbs such as rose, myrrh and sandalwood. Kumuda herbal body wash is known for its soothing, calming and mood-uplifting properties. It is blessed with plenty of benefits, besides cleansing your body gently, it also hydrates the skin, imparts elasticity and stimulates blood flow bringing about freshness and liveliness to your body. In contrast to chemically-laden body washes, it does not strip off your skin’s moisture.
The Love Co. Oud Accord Shower Gel
Luxurious & aromatic bath gels and body wash experience, let our moisturizing body wash shower gel uplift your body and mind with the scent of oudh, leaving your skin feeling renewed and refreshed. All our products are made from high quality ingredients. We believe in authentic and honest products and ingredients that are absolutely harmless, undisputed and consistently very well rated.
BodyCafé Eucalyptus BodyWash
We all are stuck in an endless battle of us versus stress. From the moment we wake up till we are back in our bed again, there is a constant simmering of to-do lists. It’s only a matter of time when it all boils over. Amidst this manic hustle-bustle of life, we realized that people want a healthy lifestyle where all is well. All they need is a little support to help them start investing in themselves. Thus, BodyCafé Eucalyptus Body Wash was born. This handmade Eucalyptus Body Wash by BodyCafé gives you a luxurious bathing experience.
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