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Shimmmi Kombucha - Sparkling Fermented Tea | Flowerful Box | Box of 3 (250ml x 3)

Shimmmi Kombucha - Sparkling Fermented Tea | Flowerful Box | Box of 3 (250ml x 3)

Quantity: 3 Bottles (250ml each)

Expiry: 6 Months from MFG

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Product Description:

  • Meet Flowerful Box: This box has got all our brews with floral notes, do try them out!
  • Why Shimmmi: Shimmmi Kombucha is all about better bubbles for body, mind and spirit. Inspired from Californian brewing styles combined with deep curated shimmmix of botanicals, every shimmmi kombucha is artisanally brewed, long-fermented, complex-yet-subtle, lighter, naturally fizzier & less sour, delivering a taste profile like no other with unique brew-specific notes! (hmm, let's just call yummiest!). 
  • Find Your Fizz, Naturally!: Go shimmmi with 100% real, wholesome, yummiest, no BS kombucha, brewed with love & magic that brings back the joy of bubbly, anytime, anywhere, for everyone! There are many ways to shimmmi - it's your call as all our brews are ‘super versatile’ too, with more than just one way to consume such as drink straight up, mix up as alcohol / cocktail mixer, make juice blends, pump up vegan smoothies, use as a salad dressing and more. It’s always the right time and right way to shimmmi! We can’t wait for you to find yours!

Box Contains:

1 x Phool-on Power, 1 x Lovely Lavender, 1 x Kaffilimey Hopbucha (250ml each) | Shipped in glass bottles and 100% plastic-free package with no breakage

Storage Instructions:

Always keep refrigerated at all times while not being consumed | Do not shake before use | Serve chilled


6 months from date of mfg

Know Your Brew Ingredients:

Every Shimmmi Kombucha is made in small batches and long fermented with Live Kombucha Culture (Yeast & Bacteria Cultures, a.k.a. SCOBY), Filtered Water, Loose Leaf Black Tea, Loose Leaf Green Tea, Cane Sugar, Housemade Natural Stevia Leaves Infusion, and each brew is then infused with very thoughtfully curated shimmmix of real, whole and locally sourced herbs, spices, fruits, botanicals and plant-based stuff exactly as nature grows them!

About The Brand: 

Hello, bubblies! We are Nidhi and Prabodh and in a world full of beverages, we come in clean, happy and shimmmi, bringing back the timeless joy of bubbly with natural and alive SCOBY cultures without any trace of guilt or BS around. Starting our journey by reviving one of the world’s oldest functional beverages, known as ‘Kombucha’ (a.k.a. booch), a sparkling fermented tea; shimmmi is all about better bubbles for body, mind and spirit!

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