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Sadhev Coconut Shower Oil (200ml)

Sadhev Coconut Shower Oil (200ml)

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Expiry: 12/2024

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Product Description:

The diversity of the coconut has transcended as a vital ingredient in the selfcare process  from tradition through time. From Pandya queens to skincare secrets today, the coconut has long been a fruit revered for its transformational abilities throughout Southern India.

Let the Sadhev Coconut Shower Oil engulf your senses with extracts of coconut, argan, gingelly, castor and sunflower oils. The humble coconut so benevolently transforms shower time into an exotic spa experience all from the comfort of your own home. Sadhev’s coconut shower oil is fuelled with properties that bring your skin a sense of  luxury, lustre and luminosity.


  • Helps nourish & hydrate the skin
  • Excellent skin enhancer
  • Helps regenerate healthy skin
  • Helps minimise signs of ageing
  • Natural & Ayurvedic

How to use: Add a little water to a coin sized amount of the shower oil in your palm and watch it transform into a butter. Use daily as an alternative to soap or a shower gel in your cleansing routine.


Coconut oil contains vitamins and essential fatty acids that gently nourish and deeply hydrate the skin. It protects, repairs and replenishes the texture of the skin with continued use.

Sunflower seed oil is a great source of vitamin E, nutrients and antioxidants making it an exceptional skin enhancer

Sesame oil is valued in Ayurveda because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an excellent moisturiser, promotes the regeneration of healthy skin and has incredible anti-ageing properties.

Argan oil hydrates and softens the skin. It gives the skin a boost from within with its high concentration of vitamin E and fatty acids.

ABOUT THE BRAND: Sadhev brings to you the secrets of ancient Ayurvedic remedies for healthy, clean and beautiful skin and hair. The brand takes great pride in taking time and handcrafting every single product to enchant you with Ayurveda of the utmost quality. At its 13000 sq. ft. Innovation and Discovery Center, ancient wisdom coalesces with science. A team of Ayurveda Vaidars, Scientists, Cosmetologists and pharmacologists spend hours in product testing and development. This synergy has resulted in Sadhev's exquisite body care and beauty products. All its packaging is of the highest quality to ensure that the bio potency of the ingredients remains as is throughout your journey with the product. Your purchase with this luxury Ayurveda brand helps us give back to Mother Nature as Sadhev will plant one tree with every purchase of its products.
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