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Ras Super Recharge Multivitamin Day Cream (8g)

Ras Super Recharge Multivitamin Day Cream (8g)

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Expiry: 05/2024

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Product Description:

5 Active Ingredients, 10 Antioxidants, 4 Vitamins, and 11 Botanicals

Our Super Charge Multivitamin Day Cream is a multi-functional cream that combines essential vitamins, ceramides, and flower water of rose to hydrate and protect your skin. With the added benefits of SPF 30 and goji berry, this luxurious cream shields your skin from harmful UV rays and environmental stressors while promoting a healthy-looking, glowing complexion. Simplify your skincare routine with the power-packed formula for the first time ever in an easy-to use formula for all skin types.


INSTANT HYDRATION: Multimolecular Hyaluronic Provides Instant Plumping And Hydration

BRIGHTER SKIN: Improve And Even Skin Tone With The High Antioxidant Activity

IMPROVED SKIN BARRIER: Ceramides Fill The Intercellular Space And Make Skin Stronger

MOISTURE LOCK: Seal In Hydration By Forming A Film And Also Give A Flawless Base For Makeup

PROTECTION: From UVA/UVB And Bluelight, As Well As Environmental Aggressors

About the Brand: India's First Farm-to-Face Skincare & Wellness Brand Our products are made from 100% naturally-grown botanical, sourced from our family-owned farms and local cultivators across the country.

With a vertically integrated process, we deliver the most fresh, effective, 100% natural, & organic potent products.

All of the Skin Care Products in the Exclusive Collections are made with the finest natural and organic ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals. They are also cruelty-free and vegan.

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