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Orgatre Ultra Deep Moisturizing Cream (40ml)

Orgatre Ultra Deep Moisturizing Cream (40ml)

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Expiry: 08/2025

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Product Description:

Enjoy the energizing smooth touch with our innovative body lotion and get complete freedom from rough & dry skin. Suits varied skin types and ideal for your entire body.



Avocado Oil: Proven Benefits:

  • Our experts have infused avocado oil in the Orgatre body lotion for dry skin as it contains essential fatty acids which deeply nourish your skin.
  • It also contains omega-3 fatty acids in abundance as well as essential vitamins as A, E & D.
  • Avocado oil is also rich in micronutrients such as potassium and lecithin which provide nourishment and intense moisturization necessary for your skin.
  • Being a copious source of antioxidants, avocado oil acts on skin problems as flakiness and dryness. It also reduces the menace of developing acne.
  • The oil also possesses anti-inflammatory characteristics, thus aids in curing wounds and promotes collagen formation. It also treats sunburnt skin as the fatty acids possess skin soothing properties. Avocado oil also reduces visible signs of ageing and maintains the skin elasticity. Thus restores the skin smoothness, softness and suppleness.

Mulberry Extract: Proven Benefits:

  • Essential Vitamins as Vit A & E along with carotenoids are found in abundance in mulberry extract. These vital compounds act as sturdy antioxidants and protect your skin from the harmful free radicals generated due to exposure to UV radiation.
  • Mulberry extract has been infused in the body lotion for dry skin as it also aids in the reduction of visible signs of ageing as skin blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles and dehydration.
  • It helps in boosting the skin radiance keeping it soft and healthier.
  • Mulberry extract is best for an acne-prone epidermis as it balances the skin pH and sebum production as well. Thus, aids in reducing skin inflammation and flakiness.

Shea Butter with SPF 15 PA ++: Proven Benefits:

  • Our experts have added shea butter in our body lotion for men and women as it works exhibits skin softening and hydrating properties. It contains numerous fatty acids such as palmitic acid, stearic acid and linoleic acid which act as a skin barrier and protect your skin from the impact of environmental stressors as pollution, UV exposure, windy climate and changes in temperature.
  • It also exhibits anti-inflammatory features which soothe chapped and dry skin.
  • Shea butter has been blended with a potent sunscreen factor SPF 15 PA++ that provides enhanced protection from UV exposure. The harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun cause premature skin ageing and appearance of skin blemishes, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and skin-scarring. The SPF factor prevents your skin from sun-degradation and is perfect for people with a sensitive skin texture and also for those who spend an ample amount of time outdoors.
  • Vitamins such as E & A are found in an adequate amount in Shea Butter. They act as potent antioxidants and thus prevent the oxidative damage caused to your skin.

How to use:

Step 1: Squeeze a small amount of body lotion on your palm.

Step 2: Apply it through a slight massage on the damp region of your skin.

Step 3: Allow the lotion to be gently absorbed into the skin.

Step 4: End Result – A softer,smoother deeply hydrated glowing skin

About the brand: The ORGATRE product line aims to meet your needs for the best natural dermaceutical products for your skin and hair. Our goal is to offer our customers high-quality products that are efficient and devoid of harsh chemicals, and a potent combination of widely recognized and tried-and-true ingredients and elements for the modern Indian consumer's daily diet. 

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