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Orgatre Hair Growth Oil (100ml)

Orgatre Hair Growth Oil (100ml)

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Product Description:
Orgatre Hair Growth Oil is a one-of-a-kind hair care product that combines the goodness of homegrown Indian ingredients and clinically proven components. Its unique VITAMILS formula, a blend of five vitamins and five organic essential oils, enhances its efficacy by 32%, providing optimal results. With ingredients like Turmeric, Ginger, Bhringraj, and Brahmi, it fights dandruff, promotes hair growth, and nourishes the scalp. Plus, the addition of Minoxidil strengthens hair roots, boosts production, and reduces breakage. With an included applicator, applying the oil directly to your roots is easy and convenient. Get healthy, strong hair with Orgatre Hair Growth Oil today.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Turmeric: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric fights dandruff and oily scalp, while protecting the hair from environmental stressors.
  2. Ginger: Promotes hair growth by improving circulation and preventing hair loss. It nourishes the hair with vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals, while alleviating itchiness and irritation.
  3. Bhringraj: A revered Indian herb that stimulates hair growth, prevents hair fall, and targets baldness. It also nourishes and treats scalp infections, dry scalp, and graying hair.
  4. Brahmi: Acts as a natural conditioner for the hair, thickening it and preventing split ends.
  5. Minoxidil: A clinically proven ingredient that strengthens hair roots, boosts hair production, and reduces hair breakage in both men and women.
  6. VITAMILS: A unique blend of essential vitamins and oils that work synergistically to nourish and hydrate your hair and scalp. This blend includes Vitamins A, E, B5, D, and F, along with carefully selected natural oils, to promote hair health, reduce breakage, and enhance shine and texture.


  • Fights off dandruff, dry and oily scalp
  • Boosts circulation to promote hair growth 
  • Prevents baldness, graying hair, and hair breakage
  • Makes the hair stronger, silkier, and thicker 
  • Strengthens hair roots

How To Use:

  • Take a sufficient amount of oil and apply directly on your scalp, from the roots to the tips.
  • Gently massage the oil with your fingertips in a circular motion. Leave it for about an hour or longer before washing.
  • For the best and visible results, use it for 3 months. Continue using it to maintain strong and healthy hair.

About The Brand:
The ORGATRE product line aims to meet your needs for the best natural dermaceutical products for your skin and hair. Our goal is to offer our customers high-quality products that are efficient and devoid of harsh chemicals, and a potent combination of widely recognised and tried-and-true ingredients and elements for the modern Indian consumer's daily diet. 

We provide formulations for skin, hair, and body care that have been painstakingly made with efficacy and sensory enjoyment are considered in great depth.

The items were developed with assistance from licensed cosmetologists to give our customers the best of both worlds, the USA and practicing Vaidyas in India. There has been zero animal testing done on the items.

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