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Nourish Mantra Saatvik Moringa Facial Moisturizer 

Nourish Mantra Saatvik Moringa Facial Moisturizer 

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Expiry: 6/2023

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Drench your skin with a surge of moisture and care: Skin emulsion for lightweight hydration with exceptional therapeutic extracts of Moringa, Indian Ginseng and Gotu Kola, dollops of Shea Butter, nutritive oils like Coconut, Wheatgerm and Patchouli. Moisturizes, improves skin texture, and promotes skin vitality and smoothness. SPF protects the skin from harmful sun rays.


  • Daily skin hydrator with protection from UV rays
  • Formulated to keep dryness and an uneven texture at bay
  • Keeps skin looking and feeling plump and nourished all day
  • Promotes skin vitality and smoothness
About the brand: Nourish Mantra are modern international skincare focusing on holistic wellness. Their mission is to modernize traditional Indian beauty philosophies making them relevant to today’s changing lifestyle. Their mantra is conscious living, connecting the body, mind and soul. Ideated in the USA, our products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and created with ethically sourced ingredients.
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