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Mcaffeine Coffee Shampoo + Coffee Conditioner (30ml + 30ml)

Mcaffeine Coffee Shampoo + Coffee Conditioner (30ml + 30ml)


Coffee Shampoo - 30ml

Coffee Conditoner - 30ml


Coffee Shampoo - 8/2023

Coffee Conditoner - 6/2023

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Coffee Shampoo:
Coffee cleansing your hair craves! With its rich formula, this shampoo has Coffee that will deep cleanse the hair by removing dirt, impurities & product buildup. Users experienced 7X more hair strength after regular use of Coffee Shampoo when compared to the neutral product. The sweet coffee notes along with an ultimate cleanse will become the staple in your hair care regime.
Coffee Shampoo is packed with amazing ingredients such as Coffee, Caffeine, Protein, and Argan Oil. Coffee promotes hair growth. The Caffeine in Coffee helps in hair fall control. The Protein in the shampoo aids in hair shaft nourishment and strengthens the hair shafts. Argan oil moisturizes and takes care of hair smoothness & shine. Suitable for all hair types, the Coffee Shampoo is free from Paraben, SLS and Silicone. It is FDA Approved, Dermatologically Tested, Made Safe, Peta Certified Cruelty-Free & 100% Vegan.
Coffee Conditioner:
Behold the brew that your hair is going to love! Infused with Caffeine-rich pure Arabica Coffee. The Coffee Conditioner provides 7X More improvement in conditioning & 5X more hair strength when compared to the neutral product.  Coffee Conditioner cares for your hair with a mix of strengthening and nourishing ingredients that work together to reduce hair fall and get you #AddictedToGood.
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