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M&U Clay Mask - Rose, Cucumber & Charcoal (10g x 3)

M&U Clay Mask - Rose, Cucumber & Charcoal (10g x 3)

Quantity: 10g x 3

Expiry: 01/08/2024

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Product Description:
Matcha and Cucumber, Exfoliating and Cooling Clay Mask made with the goodness of Natural herbal powders to provide you Acne free and Clear skin. This mask is known for its skin-clearing properties.It heals acne, breakouts, pimples and also reduces the sebum on skin. Calms down redness. Cucumber helps in cooling and refreshing the skin. Matcha green tea is the strongest and best antioxidant for your skin. It has French Green Clay which helps in detoxifying and purifying your skin. It helps in cleaning your pores deeply. It has Neem so it will not let the acne causing bacteria stay. It will leave your skin feeling so Fresh, Cool, Clean & Smooth. Made with 100% Natural Ingredients. Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Key Benefits: Clears up Acne & Pimple. Heals the affected area, Calms Inflammation, Gives Oil free skin, Deeply Clean Pores, Eleminate Acne Causing Bacteria, Remove Toxins from the skin, Tightens & Tones the skin.

Key Ingredients: French Green Clay: Purify the skin, Smoothes out the texture, Removes Excess sebum, Gently Exfoliates the skin and removes Dead skin for softer, smoother, oil free look. Cucumber: Helps in cooling the inflammation, Refreshing the skin. Green Tea: Full of Antioxidants, Remove toxins, Fights acne. Bentonite Clay: Soothes skin, Clears complexion, makes skin baby soft.

How to use: Take one spoon of the mask in a glass or plastic bowl. Add desired amount of Water or Rose Water. Make a paste that is easy to apply eavenly on whole face. Keep the mask for 10 minutes then wash off. 

About the brand: 
We Believe in Clean & Effective Beauty Care Products. So, all the ingredients that we use are of high quality and the products are hand crafted to give you the best of our creation. All M&U products are created carefully and specifically to deliver you the best quality products that do exactly what they claim.We specialize in making your Skin, Hair, and Body Beautiful & Youthful. All of our products are super affordable and suitable for all skin type of Men and Women.

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