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Happier Soulfood Body Lotion (175g)

Happier Soulfood Body Lotion (175g)

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Why use Happier Soulfood Body Lotion

Happier Soulfood body lotion is packed with the goodness of superfoods like grapefruit, acai berry, white tea, and shea butter. The moisturizing body lotion has antioxidants that reduce signs of aging and lock the moisture for a longer time. It leaves the skin nourished, hydrated, and happier.

Active Ingredients: Grapefruit, White Tea, Acai Berry, and Shea-Butter.

How To Use: Take 2-3 scoops of superfood body lotion and massage it on the skin after shower or whenever desired. For best results, use it daily after shower.


Locks the moisture in the skin without making it oily or greasy.

keeps the skin free from irritation and over-drying.

This gentle and efficacious formulation is suitable for all skin types to provide nourishment and hydrating properties

About The Brand: Every formulation at Happier is a result of extensive research and experimentation. Our ingredients are carefully sourced and analyzed by chemists around the world to ensure the most effective combination of superfoods. Our products are dermatologically tested and go through: MSD Testing, Efficacy Testing, Compatibility & Stability Studies Careful Ingredient Analysis, and multiple trials

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