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Happier Powerblend Hair Scrub (12g)

Happier Powerblend Hair Scrub (12g)

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Expiry: 11/2023

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Why Use Powerblend Hair Scrub: 

The Powerblend Hair Scrub is effective at reducing flakiness, dandruff, scalp build-up. It is great for boosting scalp health with its potent blend of Charcoal, Coconut, Tea Tree, Green Tea, Plant Keratin, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Amino Acids. Great hair starts with a nourished, clean scalp and this multi-functional hair scrub exfoliates, moisturises, cleans and conditions to give you a healthy and dandruff-free scalp.

How To Use:

  1. Take 2 scoops of Powerblend Hair Scrub and apply it on damp scalp.
  2. Massage the cream gently with the ring finger.
  3. Rinse it thoroughly using water. For best results, use it once a week.


About the Brand: 
At Happier, we believe in holistic self-care. Our products combine the goodness of natural as well as scientifically backed ingredients to maintain your body’s harmony and strike a balance between your inner and outer well-being. Every formulation at Happier amalgamates extensive research and experimentation with carefully sourced natural superfoods for you to embrace a Happier version of yourself!
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