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Goya Basics Morning Bliss Vitamin C Serum (30ml)

Goya Basics Morning Bliss Vitamin C Serum (30ml)

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Acne? Scars? Dull Skin? The answer is a good dose of Vitamin C serum every morning, right after you wash your face.
Vitamin C is best absorbed when it is from natural sources, and combinations with ingredients such as Grape seed and Hyaluronic Acid help with brighter skin. Goya brings to you a never-before-found formulation of Vitamin C serum that makes it essential to add to your routine. To maximise absorption, it is best used as the first layer in a skincare routine after face wash. Vitmain C works on curing, lightening, and brightening. The three-way action is supported by the unique combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, mixed with the nourishment of grape seed. This works on reducing active acne and working on the dullness caused by acne, dry patches, combination skin, and uneven skin tone.
Acne and Vitamin C
Acne and scarring are best treated with vitamin C combinations derived from natural sources. Acne is generally caused by adolescence and puberty, hormonal imbalances, and dietary issues; sometimes it is simply the heat. Whatever the reason, the cure is to combat active acne and work on the scars.
About the brand:
Goya, a women-led skincare brand for all genders that plans to herald a ‘green and sustainable’ skin care regime. All their products are backed by research, ethics and care. To fight the real and everyday problems, to be comfortable with zits, to be confident in your skin, to be happier every morning, they wish to promise you a healthier skin.
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