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Naso Gardenia Marigold Candle (310gm)

Naso Gardenia Marigold Candle (310gm)

Quantity: 310gm (1 Candle/Pack)

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Product Description:
The fresh indian marigold extracts, combined with the intoxicating floral aroma of gardenia gives it the perfect sweetness. The Sambac’s intensity with the santal’s rich and spicy scent lingers beautifully onto the skin.

Healing powers:

  • Promotes relaxation
  • Increased libido
  • Pain management

Pure Soy Wax Candle.

Burns: 50 Hours

How to use:

  • Keep the wicks trimmed: This will give you a nice bright flame.
  • Wicks should be one-fourth inch high this ensures an even and smooth flames.
  • Always light all wicks of the candle so it will burn more evenly and you'll use the wax more efficiently. 
  • Dip your finger tip in the soy oil whilst it burns: Use the pure soy oil on the back of your wrist, inside of your elbow or side of your neck to improve your sleep quality, to calm your anxiety and boost energy.

About The Brand:
NASO Stands As An Artisanal Perfumery. With Its New & Normal Culture And It's Youthful Approach To Extenuate The Rich Set Of Authentic Ingredients, It Classifies As A Youthful Energy In It's Very Own ‘Green’ Way. Crafted with exquisite ingredients, carefully and lovingly grown in-house at our distilleries in North India. NASO stands as an artisanal perfumery. With its new & normal culture and it's youthful approach to extenuate the rich set of authentic ingredients, it classifies as a youthful energy in it's very own ‘green’ way.

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