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Riverine Gangotri Purifying Cleanser (15ml)

Riverine Gangotri Purifying Cleanser (15ml)

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Expiry: 08/2024

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Product Description:
  • The Gangotri Purifying Cleanser gently purifies the layers of the skin from the very first wash.
  • The exotic curated ingredients in this product are Siris and Jatamansi, sourced from the Gangotri Glacier Region.
  • Siris, helps detoxify skin by acting on skin eruptions, while Jatamansi, a herb with potent anti- oxidating, anti-microbial, and purifying properties helps improve skin health.

About The Brand:
Rju offers a range of high-quality skincare products that prioritize skin hydration and moisturization to promote overall skin health. Their commitment to bio-specific hydration and bio-diverse skincare allows them to cater to various skin types with unique requirements. Customers have praised Rju's gentle ingredients and visible results, making their products a go-to for addressing concerns like dullness, uneven texture, and fine lines. Rju's focus on delivering effective hydration and moisture helps keep skin healthy and radiant-looking, regardless of skin type.

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