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First Cup Hibiscus and Kashmiri Kawa Green Tea (5g each)

First Cup Hibiscus and Kashmiri Kawa Green Tea (5g each)

Quantity: 5gm each

Expiry: 10/2024

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How To Brew:

  • Water Temperature: 90 degree Celcius
  • Number Of Steeps: 2-3 times
  • Recommended as: Plain, Milk, Sugar, Honey
  • Steep For: 3-5 Min.
  • To be served: Hot
  • Caffeine: High

Hibiscus Green Tea:

  • Regulating the spiked BP.
  • Improvises heart health.
  • Has great immunomodulation properties.
  • Helps shedding those extra kilos, by losing excess weight.
  • Metabolism and digestion friendly.
  • Alleviates the menstrual pains and eases the cramping.

Kashmiri Kawa Green Tea:

  • Improvises the metabolic rate.
  • Fights cough and colds acting as an immune modulator.
  • A potent anti-anxiety blend, igniting happy hormones in the body.
  • A great anti-ageing secret to combat free radicals in the body causing ageing.

About The Brand:
At First Cup Tea Coffee, they believe in providing customers with the best brews available. They offer a wide variety of pure, unadulterated coffee and tea grains that are both delicious and diverse. With 20 types of teas to choose from and a selection of impeccable coffee beans, First Cup aims to enhance your day. Their 100% pure, instant coffee is made from carefully selected Arabica and Robusta beans, ensuring quality without additives. With four years of experience, they prioritize delivering pure and efficient products while promoting the luxurious experience of enjoying coffee. They also recognize the health benefits of coffee's antioxidants and strive to provide a brew that enhances well-being.

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