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FemiSafe Body Razors (Pack of 2)

FemiSafe Body Razors (Pack of 2)

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Femisafe Body razors are designed exclusively for your hands, legs, and bikini area for quick and painless hair removal. The 3 high-quality Teflon coated rustproof blades placed together distribute the shaving force across the blades. This helps to reduce pressure and irritation, making it very comfortable. The moisture-rich strip with Aloe-Vera and Vitamin E protects and soothes your skin from all forms of irritation.

  • MOISTURE-RICH STRIP: The Aloe-Vera and Vitamin E infused lubricating strip prevents irritation and soothes sensitive skin.
  • TEFLON COATED 3 BLADE TECHNOLOGY: Femisafe Adonia Body Razors are coated with Teflon to ensure smooth & comfortable shaving and avoid rusting.
  • ZERO BUMPS, ZERO CUTS: Ergonomic design with fine grip & pivoting head that helps glide over your skin effortlessly.
  • NO CHEMICALS: Femisafe Adonia Body Razors are silicone-free,mineral-free & dye-free to protect your sensitive skin.
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