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Femisafe Body Razors & Aloe-gel combo

Femisafe Body Razors & Aloe-gel combo

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The goodness of Aloe Vera & Vitamin-E strip!

Femisafe Adonia Body Razors are designed exclusively for your hands, legs and bikini area for quick and painless hair removal. The 3 high-quality Teflon coated rustproof blades placed together distribute the shaving force across the blades. This helps to reduce pressure and irritation, making it very comfortable. The moisture-rich strip with Aloe-Vera and Vitamin E protects and soothes your skin from all forms of irritation.

MOISTURE-RICH STRIP – The Aloe-Vera and Vitamin E infused lubricating strip prevents irritation and soothes sensitive skin.

TEFLON COATED 3 BLADE TECHNOLOGY- Femisafe Adonia Body Razors are coated with Teflon to ensure smooth & comfortable shaving and avoid rusting.

ZERO BUMPS, ZERO CUTS- Ergonomic design with fine grip & pivoting head that helps glide over your skin effortlessly.

NO CHEMICALS – Femisafe Adonia Body Razors are silicone-free,mineral-free & dye-free to protect your sensitive skin.

Helps to soothe skin and protects against inflammation.

FemiSafe-Valoisa aloe gel provides deep hydration for the face and skin and helps as a substitute to help shave and glide our razor easily. Aloe Vera also soothes skin, aiding in itch and irritation caused by rashes, shaving, or sunburn. For skin irritation and inflammation, apply a generous amount overnight to see the best results. That glowing, gorgeous skin you want? It all comes down to hydration. We’ve crafted this all-natural aloe vera to treat your skin to a deep drink of naturally moisturizing nectar. In addition to being a powerful and effective face moisturizer for dry skin, it penetrates deeply to give you a youthful, radiant glow you can wear with confidence.

HYDRATES SKIN – The gel thoroughly hydrates skin while keeping it healthy and glowing. The hydration lasts from day to night, eliminating the need for reapplication.

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