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Essentia Extracts Luscious Lip Scrub (25g)

Essentia Extracts Luscious Lip Scrub (25g)

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Expiry: 09/2024

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Essentia Extracts Luscious Lip brightening & plumping Scrub is a game-changer when it comes to having bright shiny hydrated lips. Specially formulated with super ingredients including 100% Pure Coffee, Milled white Sesame, Sesame oil, Peppermint Essential oil, and Sweet orange essential oil. The Sesame oil hydrates and deeply nourishes the lips. It is rich in fats and helps in promoting skin elasticity, and soothes dry, chapped lips. Coffee has fine particles which exfoliate, smoothens, and brightens lips removing dead skin cells making them really smooth and bright. The combination of Peppermint & Sweet Orange Essential oil makes the lip scrub naturally delicious and refreshing.

How to use:
Take a little amount of scrub on your fingers & wet your lips to exfoliate by applying the scrub in circular motions. Gently massage it onto your lips, applying it evenly. Wash it off after leaving it on for a minute. Use at least twice a week before applying lip balm, lip moisturizer, or lipstick, for best results. Do not over scrub

About the brand:
The journey of their offering begins at the farms, where they locally source the raw materials and the best quality seeds to bring you products that make you glow, inside and out. Natural extracts embrace the body, satiate the soul, and mesmerize the mind while creating the perfect harmony between them.

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