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Dot & Key Cica Calming Skin Clarifying Toner (150ml)

Dot & Key Cica Calming Skin Clarifying Toner (150ml)

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Expiry: 12/2024

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Dot & Key’s Cica Calming Skin Clarifying Toner blends the green goodness of Cica, Green Tea, Aloe Vera & Tea Tree with the active potency of Lactic Acid & Niacinamide. A super-gentle antidote for oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin, this alcohol-free toner heals, soothes & hydrates while lifting dirt to unclog pores & keep acne at bay. As a result, skin looks smooth, and clarified, with reduced appearance of pores. 
    • Alcohol-Free Toner for Oily Acne Prone Skin.
    • Contains Niacinamide, Cica and Green Tea
    • Mildly exfoliates to unclog pores and reduce excess oil
    • Minimizes acne & controls breakouts while fading blemishes
    • Balances pH at 4.1 to strengthen the skin barrier
    • Calms irritation, redness & sensitivity
    • With No added synthetic fragrance

About the brand:

Dot & Key develops highly targeted remedial products. From the ingredients to the textural experience, they make sure that it’s all closely monitored, formulated and repeatedly tested. They simply won’t launch a product if it does not live up to a very high standard of quality and efficacy. The nature-forward approach to formulation ensures their ingredients and actives are in their most natural skin-friendly usable form.

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