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Mul secrets detox gul health care edibles (4gm)

Mul secrets detox gul health care edibles (4gm)

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Expire : 2/2025

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 Product description

 Detox gul care edibles :
  • De- Bloating: Aids in digestion and absorption which helps in reducing and preventing bloating
  • Gut-Detox health: Natural fibers cleanse toxins and replenish healthy gut flora to improve overall digestive and cleanse gut health
  • Better Digestion: Relieves gut discomfort by reducing inflammation, easing acidity & soothing indigestion
  • Rich: In antioxidants, high fiber, Vit A, C & E

    How to use:
  • Consume a DETOX drink once a day.
  • Tear the Sachet, and mix the contents into 100 ml of lukewarm potable water.
  • Stir well before consuming.

About us :
Mul Secrets is a wellness-first skincare brand that celebrates the wisdom of ancient knowledge and enhances it with modern scientific advancements. We recognize that skin care is a holistic journey encompassing external and internal factors. We aim to provide holistic skincare solutions that address your issues from the inside out.


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