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Colors Queen Beauty Lips Velvet Finish Matte Lipstick- Coffee 25 (4gm)

Colors Queen Beauty Lips Velvet Finish Matte Lipstick- Coffee 25 (4gm)

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Product Description:
Add arich shine and amazing texture to your lips with Colors Queen Beauty Lips Matte Lipsticks. This lipstick for women is velvet finish, matte texture, and 12 Hrs moisturizing formula not only delivers a classy makeup look but also keeps your lips refreshingly soft. This matte lipstick is long lasting, waterproof, transfer-proof, and smudge-proof for your hassle free routine. Look no further for your perfect lipstick, because your search ends here. The lipstick has a super comfortable lightweight matte texture that doesn't let you feel like you are wearing a lipstick at all. This matte lipstick keeps The Lips Moist with a matte effect and stays on for long hours. These smooth and creamy matte lipsticks protect and care for your lips.


  1. Velvet Matte Finish: A classy smooth finish for your high-definition makeup with Colors Queen Beauty Lips Matte Lipstick.
  2. Moisturizing: Known for its moisturizing formula, this matte lipstick keeps your look stylish and soft all day long.
  3. Long-lasting: From application to the moment to take it off, it’s going to stay long lasting matte finish definitely.
  4. Non-Transferable: To eliminate your touch-up hassle, this lipstick for women is transfer-proof to avoid fading and smudging until you want it gone.
  5. Waterproof: Drink water, drink wine, eat anything this non transfer matte lipsticks aren’t fading your lipstick anymore. The waterproof formula of this lipstick will

How to Use:

  1. Apply this multitasking highlighter palette to the parts of your face that
  2. Light would naturally hit, to enhance its natural structure and add radiance to your complexion. 

About the Brand:
From a worker in a cosmetics shop to one of the renowned cosmetics brands today. Color Queen takes trends from to express womanhood to express themselves, embrace new styles, and showcase their unique creativity and individuality. Colors Queen let everyone experience the joy of enhancing natural features naturally at affordable prices.

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