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BodyCafé Coffee Caramel Lip Scrub (50g)

BodyCafé Coffee Caramel Lip Scrub (50g)

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Expiry: 04/2024

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Product Description: Coffee Caramel Lip Scrub by BodyCafé is handcrafted using coffee and came sugar, as mild exfoliators, rich in antioxidants and emollients like Cold pressed Avocado oil, Almond oil, Sea Buckthorn oil, Jojoba oil that give intense hydration. “Begin your day with a smile”, they say, but we say - “Begin your smile by using our signature Coffee Caramel Lip Scrub. " Our signature Coffee Caramel Lip Scrub curated by experts gives your lips protection from UV rays and gives a soft and smooth finish. Designed using fresh Arabica coffee powder, Coffee oil, this lip scrub has toning properties as well. Cane sugar acts as natural exfoliators and is not harsh on your lips. Coffee Caramel Lip Scrub by BodyCafé gently exfoliates the dead skin layer and also helps de-tan your lips and make them appear fuller and firmer. It is excellent to remove lipstick debris which is impossible to otherwise remove from regular cleansing. A safe option for you, our lip scrubs have no added artificial colours or Mica and is made from fresh ground coffee beans and come in a cute packaging to carry with you anywhere. Coffee Caramel Lip Scrub by BodyCafé is perfect for those who love the feeling of fresh coffee on their lips. Get smooth and fuller lips using our (delicious & heavenly smelling) Coffee Caramel lip scrub.
About the brand: Body Cafe is an organic grooming and wellness brand that is based on authentic and traditional beauty practices. We take inspiration from ancient home remedies (gharelu nuskhe), the goodness of nature (prakriti), and Ayurveda.
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