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Bodh Gem & Crystals Moonstone Cube Pendant (Single Piece)

Bodh Gem & Crystals Moonstone Cube Pendant (Single Piece)

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Quantity: Single piece.

Product Description:

You can pair this with your daily workwear as well as your loungewear for a chic and elegant look. It will add the perfect touch of color and femininity to your outfit!


  • New Beginnings & Opportunities
  • Abundance

Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings.

Jewelry Care & Info

Apart from cleansing and charging your crystal jewellery, it's also important to treat them with care. As jewellery once bought, remains with us for a lifetime. 

Tips to help you maintain its durability;

  1. Always wear it in the end to avoid contact with sweat, perfume, and moisturizer
  2. Do not expose it to chemicals/water to avoid tarnishing
  3. Keep it in a ziplock bag, away from direct sunlight
  4. You can clean your crystal jewellery using baby wipes to remove dust and stains from your crystals. Or use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of stuck-on dust.

About The Brand:

'Bodh' is a Hindu word that means "knowledge" or "enlightenment." It symbolizes sanctity, wisdom, & purpose in life. life. Bodh Gem and Crystals aim to spread optimism, joy, tranquillity, and grace while promoting a crystal-friendly world. We offer products that enhance style and beauty, while also harnessing the therapeutic powers of crystal jewellery,

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