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Bodh Gem & Crystals Amethyst Hoops (1 pair)

Bodh Gem & Crystals Amethyst Hoops (1 pair)

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Product Description:

It's time for you to step up your accessories game with our handcrafted crystal earrings! These beauties are both chic and spiritual and they have the potential to lift any ensemble. You can carry the magical and healing energies of the crystals with you wherever you go while adding a touch of glamour with our intricately designed crystal earrings. These earrings would make a perfect gift for you or a loved one!


  • Spirituality & Meditation
  • Protection
  • New Beginnings & opportunities

Amethyst enhances intuition, perception, and understanding. It is also used while meditation as it quietens the mind and allows finer perceptions to become clear.

Jewelry Care & Info

Apart from cleansing and charging your crystal jewellery, it's also important to treat them with care. As jewellery once bought, remains with us for a lifetime. 

Tips to help you maintain its durability;

  1. Always wear it in the end to avoid contact with sweat, perfume, and moisturizer
  2. Do not expose it to chemicals/water to avoid tarnishing
  3. Keep it in a ziplock bag, away from direct sunlight
  4. You can clean your crystal jewellery using baby wipes to remove dust and stains from your crystals. Or use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of stuck-on dust.

About The Brand:

'Bodh' is a Hindu word that means "knowledge" or "enlightenment." It symbolizes sanctity, wisdom, & purpose in life. life. Bodh Gem and Crystals aim to spread optimism, joy, tranquillity, and grace while promoting a crystal-friendly world. We offer products that enhance style and beauty, while also harnessing the therapeutic powers of crystal jewellery,

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