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Bella Vita Fantastic 6 Combo

Bella Vita Fantastic 6 Combo


  1. Bella Vita Organic Nicolips Lip Lightening Scrub - 5g
  2. Bella Vita Organic Anti-Acne Face Gel - 13g
  3. Bella Vita Organic C Glow Face Wash - 20ml
  4. Bella Vita Organic C Glow Face Toner - 10ml
  5. Bella Vita Organic C Glow Face Cream - 15ml
  6. Bella Vita Luxury Glam Woman Perfume - 5ml


  1. Bella Vita Organic Nicolips Lip Lightening Scrub - 08/2024
  2. Bella Vita Organic Anti-Acne Face Gel - 09/2024
  3. Bella Vita Organic C Glow Face Wash - 05/2024
  4. Bella Vita Organic C Glow Face Toner - 09/2024
  5. Bella Vita Organic C Glow Face Cream - 09/2024
  6. Bella Vita Luxury Glam Woman Perfume - 10/2025
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1.Bella Vita Organic Nicolips Lip Lightening Scrub: Do you have dark lips that refuse to heal? Lighten, brighten and nourish your lips with the power of beetroot in the Bella Vita Organic NicoLips This lip scrub adds the perfect red tint to your lips. Walnut gently scrubs away dirt and dead skin cells while Vitamin E nourishes your lips and reduces pigmentation. Get soft, smooth and red lips with NicoLips and heal dry, chapped lips.

2.Bella Vita Organic Anti-Acne Face Gel: A powerful yet gentle formula, The Anti-Acne Face Gel is an everyday essential for you! Enriched with plant-based ingredients that aid in reducing acne scars, the Anti-Acne Face Gel is formulated to clarify your skin from within and prevent further breakouts. Neem has anti-bacterial & healing properties and can soothe irritation caused by active acne. Willow Bark contains natural salicylic acid that breaks down oils and impurities within your pores. Aloe Vera is a powerful antioxidant that soothes skin and unclogs pores, while Tea Tree calms redness & inflammation. Green Tea & Tulsi are antioxidants that fight free radicals & Tulsi kills acne-causing bacteria & disinfects pores, thereby keeping skin clear of acne.

3.Bella Vita Organic C Glow Face Wash: Brighten, purify & de-tan your skin with the Bella Vita Organic C-Glow Face Wash to get glowing skin from within! Power-packed with natural ingredients, this face wash won’t strip your skin of moisture or disturb your skin’s natural barrier. Vitamin C fights free radicals and protects your skin from environmental damage while reducing dark spots and pigmentation, Coffee boosts blood circulation that exponentially improves your overall skin health, and with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties makes your skin smooth. Sandalwood locks moisture into your skin while soothing it and also healing blemishes and scars. Honey protects your skin from infections while hydrating and moisturizing it, giving you an undeniable glow!

4.Bella Vita Organic C Glow Face Toner: The Bella Vita Organic C-Glow Face Toner is the perfect way to end your cleansing routine! With just a few spritz, this natural face toner will neutralise impurities in your pores, while balancing the natural pH level of your skin. Rich in citric acid, orange peel extract acts as a natural astringent and tightens your pores and dries out excess oils in your skin's natural barrier. Aloe and cucumber soothe skin while giving it a boost of hydration. Rose water effectively tightens open pores while aloe vera has a soothing and cooling effect on the skin. The C-Glow Face Toner is a natural face toner for men and women that will make the perfect centre of your CTM routine, tightening open pores and not leaving your skin feeling dry and dehydrated.

5.Bella Vita Organic C Glow Face Cream: The Bella Vita Organic C-Glow Face Cream is a blend of natural and Ayurvedic ingredients that will give your face a natural glow from within. The face cream will brighten, nourish and protect your skin from pigmentation and dullness. Sandalwood brings its anti-inflammatory properties to protect your skin from UV rays and soothes the skin of any itching or redness. Vitamin C and E protects your skin from free radicals and UV rays that can cause premature ageing. It also helps evens out your skin tone. Since wheat germ is a natural humectant, it helps lock in the moisture so that your skin feels supple for a longer period time.

6.Bella Vita Luxury Glam Woman Perfume: Unconventional, eccentric and versatile.
Bella Vita Organic Glam Woman Body Parfum celebrates versatility, by breaking conventional floral accents. Powerful jasmine brings out the feminine character like no other; classy and glamorous, yet understated with fresh hints of citrusy orange and calming white honey. It is an indulgent fragrance which is sensual and so full of character that it is almost impossible to miss! A quintessential glam woman is daring, a real head turner with a magnetic force, to make sure she stands out from the crowd. P.S. 'Glamour' never takes a day off.

Bella Vita Organic or 'The Good Life' is a leading natural beauty and skincare brand committed to building handcrafted, natural solutions invigorated by the natural elements of the earth and ancient skin and hair care practices. They encourage our new-age consumers to analyse their skin and feed it accordingly. They aspire to satisfy and preserve your body's necessities using environmentally responsible ingredients. They adore delivering regime-oriented skincare products and services with round-the-clock expertise navigating you through every step of your self-care journey.


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