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Baby Care Combo (MP+MP+MP+ME)

Baby Care Combo (MP+MP+MP+ME)


Mommy Pure Baby Shampoo - 10ml

Mommy Pure Baby Body Wash - 10ml

Mommy Pure Baby Body Lotion - 10ml

Mamaearth Soft Body Lotion for Babies - 25ml


Mommy Pure Baby Shampoo - 6/2023

Mommy Pure Baby Body Wash - 6/2023

Mommy Pure Baby Body Lotion - 6/2023

Mamaearth Soft Body Lotion for Babies - 07/2023

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Mommy Pure Baby Shampoo
Wriggly or straight, wavy or curly, cleansing your baby's hair should be a fun-loving experience. Say farewell to tears while your baby has all the bath time fun with MommyPure Extra Gentle Tear-free Shampoo! Enriched with the best of nature's love, it brings the perfect blend of nourishment and strength to your baby's hair! So, have it in your basket of essentials for soft, silky and strong hair for your little angel.

Mommy Pure Baby Body Wash
Did you know that a baby's skin is extremely delicate and is constantly changing, making it prone to dryness and rashes! MommyPure Oh So Blissful! Baby Body Wash is the perfect solution to kiss away those rashes and keep your baby's skin clean. This baby body wash is carefully crafted using naturally derived ingredients and patented natural bioactive to cleanse, hydrate and nourish baby's skin. Perfectly pH balanced, cleanses without over-drying. Coconut based cleansers are extra gentle on baby's skin and eyes. Aloe juice combined with calendula extract moisturize skin while chamomile, vitamin E and B5 nourish and protect skin from damage caused by free radicals. Patented natural bioactive Pepha protects and strengthens skin's natural defense system and prevents direct damage from UV light.

Mommy Pure Baby Body Lotion
Soft, smooth skin comes with care that is gentle, pure and natural. MommyPure Soft As A Cloud Baby Lotion is crafted with the best of natural and organic ingredients along with lots of love to soothe and hydrate the delicate skin of your little bundle of joy. Make it a daily essential for your munchkin and keep their skin silky soft, smooth and protected.

Mamaearth Soft Body Lotion for Babies
Mamaearth Milky Soft Body Lotion is crafted especially for your little one! This mild lotion moisturizes your baby's delicate skin. It drives away dryness and locks in the skin's natural oils to help keep your munchkin's skin soft all day long.

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